60.8 F
Selinsgrove, US
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Monroe Township, PA - At least two managers have lost their jobs at the Lowe's Home improvement store on the Golden Strip just north of Selinsgrove. Part of a nationwide staff culling that will see 2,400 full time employees...
Selinsgrove, PA -- Both the Snyder and Union counties' board of commissioners met with members of the emergency response community on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the merger of 911 services. You can read the Executive Summary handout that was provided...
Selinsgrove, PA - OnĀ  April 3, 2012, WNEP ran a story on Selinsgrove titled "Business is Booming." The reality only four years later is quite different. Only a few of the more than a dozen start-ups mentioned are still...

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