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Selinsgrove, US
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Selinsgrove, PA – Susquehanna University violated NCAA terms according to a Saturday release from the school. Two alumni donors have been permanently separated from the school’s programs and a student athlete will be losing eligibility to play. Alumni donors Nick...
Selinsgrove, PA - Cellular towers are being proposed at 4 locations in Selinsgrove. Proposed locations include at the borough building, 2nd St on Isle of que, the school district campus, and near the site of Middleburg Yarn. Mobilitie, a firm...
Selinsgrove, PA - Selinsgrove Police have issued a statement regarding the theft of a firearm from a local store. Police have arrested Daniel Keenan, 26, of Lancaster. Keenan was arraigned before Dist Magistrate John Reed on May 18th, and...

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