Drew Bingaman: Ok Jobu, I Do it Myself


Sunbury, PA – Over the past few years the historic party division in Harrisburg has ground away the public’s patience for the usual political talking points. Fed up and disappointed with a choice he just can’t make, Sunbury resident Drew Bingaman has thrown his hat in the ring for the 108th State House seat.

“I feel that the traditional two parties are well represented by the two ballot choices” Bingaman wrote in his announcement, “but there are plenty of independent voters who have problems with one or the other due to policy, I am one of those voters.  If you have been frustrated with the choices you have been given so far, write my name in on election day to show that you do not consent to being governed by either party.”

Drew Bingaman, 37, says he has lived in the 108th District his entire life and works in the technology industry. The chairman of the Susquehanna Valley Libertarian Party, Bingaman has built a reputation locally, regionally, and even nationally as an effective grass roots organizer.

“I endorse Drew Bingaman for the 108th District Rep, he was not only instrumental in the newly formed Mifflin Co. Libertarian Party, but also served as an inspiration.” Brooke Wilt,  Vice-chair of the Mifflin County Libertarian Party told SCC.  “Broadly speaking, he would be the only candidate to come down on the side of civil liberties, every time, and without hesitation.”

When asked why he was throwing his hat in the ring this late as a write-in, Bingaman says he considers both incumbent Lynda Schlegel Culver (R) and John Deppen (D) friends. However, Bingaman stated firmly that he has “many policy disagreements with both options, and cannot in good conscience vote for either of them.”

Ed Quiggle Jr, the elected Constable for Sunbury’s 9th Ward, is also endorsing Bingaman. “It’s great to see that we finally have a choice in the race for State Representative for the 108th District, before Drew jumped in, I was planning to write-in None Of The Above. Drew will fight to protect our liberties and to roll back big government. I endorse Drew Bingaman for State Representative”

Bingaman understands that if he is successful, he would be the only Libertarian Party legislator in Harrisburg. “I may not be able to get a lot done. But I sure will let the General Assembly know what the liberty movement believes is important and give you a voice that is sorely lacking in the PA legislature” Bingaman said “if you are disgusted or disappointed by your choices for state rep. Feel free to write my name in on Nov 8 for that office.”

To learn more about write-in candidate Drew Bingaman residents of the 108th district can contact him through facebook or email: Chair@susquehannavalleylp.org.

Election Day is November 8th.