Selinsgrove, PA – It just got a little bit easier to get the weekly chores done. One local entrepreneur sees opportunity in addressing a largely overlooked community need.

Alex Jesus, an EMT with DH&L Ambulance League, and his father Carlos have created Supply Drop Delivery. Alex Jesus spoke with SCC about where his idea came from and what he is hoping to achieve with the new service.

Supply Drop Delivery is an on-demand delivery business servicing the Selinsgrove, Hummel’s Warf, and Shamokin Dam communities. “We have agreements with businesses up and down the strip” Jesus said “We are speaking to more businesses every day.”

Jesus told SCC that Supply Drop will save people time on their weekly chores, but was born from somewhere deeper. “I would go on [emergency] calls and meet some of our community’s elderly.” Jesus said he met people who hadn’t eaten because they couldn’t get to the store.

“I want to be that convenient service” Jesus says there is a successful business hidden in also helping the community. “Seniors who can’t get out will get a discount, I am not trying to make money from them” Jesus explained. “But, I can expand that into providing something to the community that doesn’t exist now.”

A New Jersey native, Jesus says its much tougher to get around here. “You don’t have cabs and trains here. I can see how it could be tough to run a quick errand.” Jesus recalled his EMS experiences, with 24 hour shifts, and sometimes not being able to leave just to grab something to eat. “A busy retail sole proprietor, working parents, or plain old busy people could use a hand picking something up from time to time.”

Here’s how it works:
You need something picked up but can’t go pick it up. Give Alex a call at Supply Drop, 570-428-5452, with your list. For $10 per stop everything you need is brought to your door. Swipe your credit card or pay with cash when you receive your supplies. It’s that easy.

If you needed a few things from Staples as well as Taste of Philly sandwiches for the office, Alex or his father will pick it all up and bring it to you. “We ask to give us as much notice as possible, and 24 hours is required for groceries, but the idea is to be available when people need a hand.”

An idea that came after meeting local residents who just couldn’t get out is now a unique service in our area. “I hope things take off so I can do something beneficial for the community” Jesus said. Supply Drop Delivery combines a needed service for our local seniors while freeing up time for small business owners and families.

Supply Drop Delivery is available from 11am-7pm Monday through Friday. To place an order call 570-428-5424.