Middleburg, PA – The predatory prosecution of college students for marijuana charges provides a kickback from the state to the DA’s office. State law directs County Clerks to collect the $100 fine automatically added to the top of all drug charges, and up to $200 for a DUI. The monies are deposited into the Substance Abuse Education Demand Reduction Fund, which may be applied for at the discretion of the District Attorney or non-profit organizations.

SU students have been cited and charged for pot violations as the result of some very dubious circumstances. In just this academic year alone multiple students have reported gross violations of their 4th Amendment rights against unreasonable searches, accused officials of planting evidence, as well as male students having cried foul at the appearance of a gender bias in enforcement. Additionally, students have alleged that they have been charged for crimes much more serious than they ought to be as a means of bullying defendants into pleading guilty rather than defending themselves.

The money extracted from student-residents of Selinsgrove, after they are railroaded through the system, are currently being used to pay for an employee of a private non-profit Mr Piecuch chairs. When this page published Piecuch’s use of public monies to pay for his private efforts, he flippantly responded that exposing such things are “a disservice to anyone who reads your posts and the community you claim to support.”